About SmartCal

SmartCal is an Innovative Way Solution that was created to give organizations the ability to effectively raise awareness, promote events, and increase supporter participation.

For Organizations, Institutions and Non-Profits

Are you interested in using SmartCal to communicate and coordinate schedules or events to your customers or vendors? Imagine if you could publish events to the one place they look every day—the calendar on their phone. Think of the possibilities.

  • Manage volunteer schedules and shifts
  • Coordinate vendors/suppliers schedules
  • Communicate conference workshop or meeting schedules
  • Coordinate youth/club sports schedules, car-pool schedules, etc.
  • Coordinate local events for local communities or non-profits
  • Communicate events and schedules for churches, non-profits, or community groups
  • Communicate sales, in-store demos or store events
  • Manage patient schedules and follow-up appointments

About Innovative Way

Innovative Way is a business process consultancy that helps companies work smarter and grow faster. We were founded in 2002 and have been applying business knowledge and technical expertise to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.