General Questions

SmartCal supports Apple and Android devices, Outlook, Google Calendar, and calendar tools that allow ics files to be imported.

Any updates that are made will be refreshed/published as indicated below based on your device.


The calendar refreshes every time you open the Calendar app.

The calendar can also refresh regularly, depending on your Fetch settings.


The calendar refreshes every 4-6 hours.

No, there are no advertisements on SmartCal or on the subscription calendars. We have a low cost product in order to make it available to everyone. We will not clutter your calendar with ads.

Subscribing to SmartCal Calendars

No, these events are specific to this subscribed calendar only.

The subscribed calendar is imported as an additional calendar—that you can toggle on and off—and will not affect your other calendars or events. The events on the subscribed calendar do not merge or get added to any of your existing calendars.

When you subscribe, your smartphone may take you back to the current date. To verify that you have successfully subscribed to your calendar, you can either search for or navigate to a known calendar event. If subscribing was successful, the full calendar will populate.

You control which devices will get the calendar. On your Add Calendar page, you add the calendar to each device that you want. The calendar will not be automatically added to all of your devices. If you do not add all necessary devices during the initial subscription process, you can refer to your Thank you for Subscribing email from SmartCal. In that email, there is a link to Add to More Devices. Follow that link and then choose which device to add.

Viewing the Calendar on Mobile Devices (ex: iPhone)

After subscribing and adding the calendar to your phone, the SmartCal calendar you have subscribed to will be view-able from your phone's calendar app. The subscribed calendar events will be side by side your personal events.

1 Open the calendar app and tap the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner.

2 Type a keyword to search your calendar. Note, you can also search in spotlight search for events.


Unfortunately, there is not a way for android users to search for events using the standard calendar application provided with your phone.

The academic calendars are not interactive. Event information is managed by the calendar publisher, so you cannot make any changes to the calendar. Subscribers have a read-only view of the events published on the calendar. Subscribers do have the ability to toggle the calendar off/on from view. See FAQ question on this topic for instructions.

1 Open the calendar app and tap Calendar at the bottom of the screen.

2 Tap Edit and select the calendar you want to rename.

You can change the color of the events as well.


Unfortunately, you cannot change the calendar name on your phone. This must be done via your Google Calendar.

In Google Calendar, click Other Calendars, click the arrow next to the calendar you want to change and select Calendar Settings. Then, click on the calendar to change the Calendar Name.


1 Open the calendar app, tap Calendar at the bottom of the screen.

2 Tap the calendar you want to toggle on-and-off.


To hide the calendar from view - go to your Calendar app on your phone, select Menu and select Calendars to Display. Uncheck the calendar you wish to hide.

Yes, you can delete your calendar from your mobile device:
  • iPhone Users: To delete the calendar from your iPhone, go to Settings. Then select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Then select the subscribed calendar that you want to delete and click Delete Account button.
  • Android Users: To delete the calendar completely, select the Menu button and then select Calendars. Select Menu again and then Remove Calendars. You will be prompted to select the calendars you wish to remove and it will be deleted.

Viewing the Calendar via Web Apps (ex: Google Calendar)

Yes, these events will automatically show up in your Google Calendar.
When you subscribe to an academic calendar, you can view the calendar on multiple devices and applications, including Outlook. Visit the subscribe page to subscribe on specific device or application.


If you have an idea, suggestion or question you want to share with us, please email us at We love getting your feedback!

We pull data directly from the ISDs and the universities, so it's possible that they have not updated their data yet. However, please email us at, so that we can alert the calender owner of the discrepancy.

Yes. There are a couple of ways you can do this.
  1. Select an event on the calendar to open it. Then select Share Calendar. You will be prompted to enter the email or cell number of the person you want to share this with. They will then receive a message showing them how to add this calendar.
  2. Go to our website at . Select desired state and school district and then choose to Share this calendar. You will be prompted to enter the email or cell number of the person you want to share this with. They will then receive a message showing them how to add this calendar.
Yes. To request a calendar - fill out our calendar request form. We will email you if and when it becomes available.